All of the artist featured at Pens & Needles fit comfortably in the category sometimes referred to as "successful", meaning art is now their permanent job. While we are a company dedicated to body art we sometimes notice a lack of storytelling in regards to the struggles accomplished that these creative minds have endured during their career's rise. Not only one's personal struggle with their ambition to reach a desired aesthetic, but life's challenges like paying rent, paying for supplies, gaining recognition, and feeding oneself to continue the cycle of life day after day. We believe thats how we retain integrity too, it can't be about the money, but the love. Our stories purpose isn't to prettify but meant to touch on perseverance. Each artist at Pens & Needles has a distinctive style and artistic vision of their own. They all have amazing freehand drawing capabilities and specialize in the pace-setting high quality work you should expect from a tattoo artist, and the professional ethics you should expect from a piercer.